Take an interactive learning journey with us.

Welcome to Sacred Heart’s web-based training. We are a network of community leaders who believe poverty is not inevitable.  It is a result of a lack of commitment to build a just society and economy where everyone has what they need.   

Here, we will challenge your assumptions about immigrants and poor people, and invite you to learn how you can show up, get involved, and be a part of a community united.  

  • Watch our video first to understand our stories and why it’s so important for us to stand together.
  • Pace yourself through our online training modules with short video lessons and online interactive tests to review what you have learned. 
  • If you are inspired for community action, sign up and join us to learn more.
  • Demystifiying Immigration
  • Intentional Economics
  • Building Solidarity
  • Know Your Rights
  • Get Involved!

Module 1: Demystifying Immigration

Module 2: Intentional Economics

Module 3 : Building Solidarity

Module 4: Know Your Rights

Inspired to get more involved and act in solidarity in your community?  We invite you to join Sacred Heart Community Service, where social service meets social justice.  Click the button below to become a new member working toward a community united in San Jose, CA.